Mount Club 710 Plywood

710, also known as Mount Club Marine Grade

Mount Club 710 Plywood is a waterproof plywood sheet that is extremely effective at keeping insects and marine organisms out of fishing boats. It comes with the best quality plywood at the best plywood price with waterproof features.

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Mount Club 910 Plywood

Sturdy & Durable

910 plywood has all the layers of Gurjan ply in it. Gurjan is hardwood and is red in color, so all the layers of the plywood will look red. It has more strength compared to other types of plywood but at the same time it is more costly

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Mount Club 5100 PLYWOOD

Stable with lesser susceptibility

It is dimensionally stable with lesser susceptibility to variance in climatic conditions. It is chemically treated for borer and termite resistance. Superior bonding technology ensures it is durable and hence extremely cost-efficient.

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